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We have an exciting announcement from Dr. Robert Wankmuller,  Director of Science. 
"This year we had a science research class that met on alternating days during lunch periods for 7th grade students one day and 8th grade students the other day.  Students with the top projects submitted a 5 minute video presentation of their science research projects on Google Slides.  I am happy to share the exciting placements with all of you.  This would not have been possible, especially this year where the videos had to be recorded and created into a YouTube channel, if it were not for the incredibly hard work of the research teacher, Katie O'Callaghan.  Congratulations to all of these winning students and to Katie!"
Katerine Marietta      How pH Affects Plant Growth        High Honors
Maya McFadyen      Bacterminator! Which Cleaning Spray Will Kill Bacteria The Best?
                                     High Honors  
Lauren Masaitis         Fossil Fuels: Are They Worth It?    Honors
Pranav Vijayababu    Carbon Capture for a Sustainable Future: Microalgae  Honors
Jacob Wolmetz          The Effect of Greywater Irrigation on Plant Growth    Honors
Nicolas Corso             Bio-Breath      Meritorious
Evan Lombardi           Bellet-Fest BB's vs. Pellets   Meritorious
Hayley Morello           Sand, Soil, Pebbles..Duckweed! Meritorious
Ryan Rivera               The Effect of Nanosilver on Daphnia Magna  Meritorious
Emma Tjersland         Impact of Climate Change on the Rate of Photosynthesis   Meritorious
Meghan Barry            Simple Solar Heaters    Achievement  
Owen Orechovsky      The Strength of Teeth  Achievement
Brandon Cardamone  The Effect of Plant Growth on Soil Erosion  Honorable Mention 
Jemia Mattison            Plant Light Maze Honorable Mention 
Katelyn Oliveto            Flower Power  Honorable Mention
Students that received Honors, High Honors or Highest Honors will also be receiving a monetary award.