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(Hauppauge, New York)  –   After a comprehensive and exhaustive search process, the Hauppauge UFSD Board of Education has selected Dr. Donald Murphy as its next Superintendent of Schools, effective July 1, 2021. The Board spent several months gathering feedback from stakeholders and reflecting on the skills the school district needed in its next Superintendent of Schools. “A priority for the Board was ensuring the individual had strong leadership skills and the ability to continue moving the district and its initiatives forward.” said Board President, Mr. David M. Barshay.

Dr. Murphy, who will be officially appointed at the June 8, 2021 Board meeting, has been with the district since 2012, originally serving as the Director of Math and Information Systems. He was promoted to the position of Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in 2015. In that position Dr. Murphy, who has a tireless work ethic, has proven to be a dedicated and passionate advocate for all students.  In addition, he has confirmed himself to be a capable leader in the areas of curriculum, instruction, technology, data-driven educational leadership and learning, as well as professional development.

Dr. Murphy presently oversees all aspects of the district’s educational programming and technology, including leading the district stakeholders in the development of the COVID-19 Reopening Plan. Hauppauge is one of only a small handful of school districts in Suffolk County that has offered in-person instruction to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade beginning in September of 2020. Mr. Barshay indicated that although the pool of candidates was strong, having the ability to observe Dr. Murphy’s leadership skills, decision making, clear communication and devotion to the district and its students through such a challenging time was key to setting him apart from other candidates.

Dr. Murphy in expressing his gratitude to the Board stated, “I want to thank the Board of Education for putting their trust in me to serve as the next Superintendent of Schools. Hauppauge has been my home for the past nine years, and I am thrilled to get started in my new role.”

Mr. Barshay also expressed appreciation for the collaboration of stakeholder leadership in the search process. This included, bargaining unit heads, Kevin Giachetti, (Hauppauge Teachers and Teaching Assistants Associations), Katie Lloyd, (Hauppauge Schools Office Staff Association), Doreen Gordon and Rebecca Bilski, (Hauppauge Association of Administrative Personnel), Steve Nelson, (Hauppauge United Public Service Employees Union) as well as Judith Olaechea, Hauppauge PTA Council President. “The unique perspectives these individuals brought to the process was invaluable to the Board,” said Barshay.

In the way of additional Central Office restructuring, the Board of Education has also promoted Mr. Joseph Tasman to Deputy Superintendent. According to Mr. Barshay, “This promotional appointment of Mr. Tasman, who has been employed by the District since 1995 in varying capacities, most recently as the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Administration, will solidify an already strong leadership team for years to come.”  Barshay continued, “Mr. Tasman’s loyalty and dedication to the students of Hauppauge is unparalleled.”


Pictured here is Joseph Tasman, newly named Deputy Superintendent.