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Here are the winners for each of the elementary science fairs and the Google Site for each school.
Bretton Woods:
3rd place: Celeste Shin Will kids' tattoo work on non-skin-surfaces
2nd place: Isabella Schupak Which stethoscope works best?
1st place: Evangelia Katsapis Bubble Science
1st Grade
3rd place: Advit Tata  Soda Bottle Rocket Blast Off
2nd place: Faizan Muhammed Don't Let the Ice Melt
1st place: Taran Sathish Kumar Scratch and Slide
2nd Grade
3rd place: Ella Oury Mr. Polar Bear, Are You Cold?
2nd place: Khushi Shah, Are You Using Iron for Breakfast?
1st place: Freshy Veggies, Rionna Mittal
3rd grade
Honorable Mention: Vivienne O'Brien   The Skittles Experiments
Honorable Mention: Adelise O'Brien  The Gummy Bear Project
3rd place:  Michael Salzillo,  Turn Milk into Plastic
2nd place:  Sophia Nehr  Let's Get our Heart Pumping
1st place: Aditri Arun, Magnetic Braking
4th grade
Honorable Mention: Phiip Smith , Gummy Bear Osmosis
Honorable Mention: Ava Postillio, Detergent Wars
3rd place: Vaibhavi Hegde, What Materials Could Block a WiFi Signal?
2nd place: Mihir Sathish Kumar, An Innovative Approach to Improve Efficiency of Solar Panel
1st place:  Ashwin Ronanki, Magnetic Levitation Train
5th grade
3rd place: Emma Oury, Can We Make Cookies?
2nd place: Frankie Hart, When Will Fruit Decay?
1st place: Atharv Prabhu, Which Filtration Material Leads to the Best Drinking Water
Forest Brook Elementary Science Fair

1st place: Jordyn Drucker, Colored Flowers
1st grade
First place: Vincent Giattino, Melting Ice.
2nd grade
3rd place: Elsie Bollag, How Many Birds?
2nd place:  Evangeline Jamros and Josephine Jamros, Sticky and Strong as Glue
1st place:  Maxim Vetoshkin, Race of Textures
3rd grade
2nd place: Natalie Padilla, Which face mask is best for kids to wear in public?
1st place: Liam Daly, Mask Mixup: Which Mask Works Best?
4th grade
2nd place: Leah Giattino, Best Slime Activator
1st place: Ryan Tjersland, Can It take the Shake? Simulated Earthquakes vs. Lego Towers
5th grade
Honorable Mention: Zachary Vertizan, Don't Rot on Me!!! Are there things around the house that can act as preservatives?
Honorable Mention: Emma Leonard, Saving Humpty Dumpty
3rd place: Matthew Michels The Melting Rate of Chocolate: Which Melts the Fastest, White, Milk or Dark Chocolate?
2nd place: Angelina DeLuca, Breaking Bridges
1st place: Sharmine Jamros, Lingering Scents
3rd place: John Mullenburg, Dirty Money
2nd place: Madelyn Paniccia, Which will fall faster?
1st place: Violet Radonis, Which Mask You Ask?
1st Grade
3rd place: Lily Muilenburg, The Apple Experiment
2nd place: Zoey Carviol Do Hot Water and Cold Water Mix? Yes or No?
1st place: Hallie Probst, How Clean Are Your Hands?
2nd Grade
2nd place: Matthew McHugh, Let it Fly
1st place: John Corso, High Five? Maybe Not! 
3rd Grade
Honorable Mention: Micaela Paniccia, Seeing Sound Waves
Honorable Mention: Pranav Ramkumar, Paper Airplane Cargo Experiment
3rd place: Alex Mariani, Magnets Falling Through Tubes
2nd place: Sylvia Bonn, Does Wind Affect Temperature
1st place: Ashleigh Leteri, The Rainbow in a Bottle
4th Grade
Honorable Mention: Vincent Sellitto, Which Foods Do Guinea Pigs Like the Most?
3rd place: Charlotte Carruthers, Can dogs perform different taks based on types of music?
2nd place: Alexa Mammone, Senses and Balance
1st place: Ashlyn Mathew, How Far Will It Fly?
5th Grade
Honorable Mention: Philip Composto, Beta Fish
Honorable Mention: Sophia Brown, Does Music Affect Plants Growth
3rd place: Jillian Potenza, I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream
2nd place: Dominick DeSiervi, Which Bread Cools the Fastest in Relation to its Molecular Density?
1st Place: Chloe Coughlin: Numbers with Meaning