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By:  Briana Becker, Teacher, HS Physics

On Saturday March 20, 2021, the High School Science Olympiad Team competed in the “Division C Eastern Long Island Regional Competition.” We had three teams of students compete and they did a fantastic job!
Our Team A came in First Place out of the 42 teams that competed and earned an invitation to the State Competition on Saturday April 10, 2021.
As the coaches, Dennis Petercsak and myself are extremely proud of all the hard work the students continue to put in. The competition being virtual this year made it even more difficult to be successful at and our students rose to the occasion.
We would like to mention High School Science Teachers, Carolyn Heck and Mike Foley, for their assistance in preparing the students and their help on the day of the competition. We would also like to thank Dr. Rob Wankmuller, Director of Science, Technology and Research, for assisting on the day of the competition.

Here is the list of the individual students and the events in which they earned medals:

Anatomy & Physiology
10th Place - Alex Vasilakopoulos and Shivani Rao

4th Place - Aaryan Chandra and Sahi Sagiraju
5th Place - Sadiq Shaik

Chemistry Lab
4th Place - Jalaj Mehta and Melody Cheng
8th Place - Matvey Baranov and Joseph Mathew

Circuit Lab
4th Place - Jalaj Mehta and Melody Cheng

3rd Place - Melody Cheng, Sree Karthikeyan and Shivani Rao

Designer Genes
3rd Place - Alex Vasilakopoulos and Danielle Liu

Disease Detectives
1st Place - Alex Vasilakopoulos and Jalaj Mehta

Dynamic Planet
2nd Place - Sree Karthikeyan and Elizabeth Furman
7th Place - Saiful Samad and Dhamik Namineni
9th Place - Griffin Capece and Pranav Lanka

3rd Place - Jalaj Mehta and Shivani Rao
7th Place - Sadiq Shaik and Sri Sagiraju

2nd Place - Elizabeth Furman and Rachel Ma

GeoLogic Mapping
2nd Place - Sree Karthikeyan and Elizabeth Furman
3rd Place - Melody Zhu and Arav Prabhu
10th Place - Dharmik Namineni and Krithika Vulavala

1st Place - Danielle Liu and Elizabeth Furman

Sounds of Music
10th Place - Sri Sagiraju

Water Quality
3rd Place - Danielle Liu and Sree Karthikeyan

State Qualifying Team
Aaryan Chandra
Alex Vasilakopoulos
Danielle Liu
Jalaj Mehta
Melody Cheng
Shivani Rao
Sree Karthikeyan
Elizabeth Furman
Rachel Ma
Sahi Sagiraju