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Middle School students is grades 6, 7, and 8, participated this year in a “Virtual Science Fair.” Rather than putting their information on a tri-fold board as in past years, the students used Google Slides for their presentations. You can view the projects on their website by clicking here.
Here are the winners by grade:

Grade 6
First Place: Patrick Terzella: Too loud or not too loud?
Second Place: Akhil Grandhi: Which fruit or vegetable oxidizes the most in varied temperatures?
Third Place: Abhay Simha: How does color affect memory?
Honorable Mention: Yashvi Shah: Why do optical illusions fool your eyes?
Honorable Mention: Avery Wilcox: Which softball bat is better, aluminum or wood?

Grade 7
First Place: Emma Tjersland, “Impact of Climate Change on the Rate of Photosynthesis”
Second Place: Hayley Morello, “Sand, Soil, Pebbles...Duckweed!”
Third Place: Katelyn Oliveto, “Flower Power”
Honorable Mention: Katherine Marietta, “How pH affects Plants Growth”
Honorable Mention: Jacob Wolmetz, “The Effect of Greywater Irrigation on Plant Growth”
First runner-up: Pranav Vijayababu, “Carbon Capture for a Sustainable Future: Microalgae”
Second runner-up: Evan Lombardi, “Bellet-Fest: BB’s vs. Pellets”
Third runner-up: Jemia Mattison, “ Plant Light Maze”

Grade 8
First Place: Meghan Barry, “Simple Solar Heaters”
Second Place: Lauren Masaitis, “Fossil Fuels: Are They Worth It?”
Third Place: Owen Orechovsky, “The Strength of Teeth”
Honorable Mention: Brandon Cardamone, “The Effect of Plant Growth on Soil Erosion”
Honorable Mention: Nicolas Corso, “ Bio-Breath”
First Runner-up: Maya McFadyen, “ Bacterminator! Which cleaning spray will kill bacteria the best?”
Second Runner-up: Ryan Rivera, “The Effect of Nanosilver on Daphnia Magna”

The first and second place winners from 6th grade will get to participate in the Brookhaven National Lab Elementary Science Fair. All of the 7th and 8th grade students listed will go on to participate in the Long Island Science Congress. Both competitions will be virtual and will enable our students to compete against other students with top science fair projects from throughout Suffolk County (BNL fair) and through Nassau and Suffolk counties (LISC).

Special thanks to Mrs. Katie O’Callaghan who worked with the 7th and 8th grade students in the new middle school science research class.

Congratulations to the winners! Great job to all of the students who participated.