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 At the Board of Education Meeting of Tuesday, May 7th, the Board honored the Class of 2019 “Top Graduates.”   Dr. Carolyn Probst, Assistant to the Superintendent for Educational Services and Student Outcomes, announced each student and the college they will be attending in the fall.  Here is the listing:

Jenna Beauchert - University of Michigan
Xavier Cheng - Johns Hopkins University
Kerry Deasy - Quinnipiac University
Courtney DellaRocca - SUNY Binghamton
Victoria Durney - SUNY Binghamton
Joseph Ferris - SUNY Binghamton
Danielle Gerardi - University of Notre Dame
Diana Girandola - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Michael Harrison - Stony Brook University
Bradley Hays - SUNY Binghamton
Alyson Jayne - University of Toronto
Owen Kells - Brown University
Sara Khan - Stony Brook University
Jasmine Kong - UCLA
Mark Kotowicz - SUNY Binghamton
Linette Kunin - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jennifer Moks - Stony Brook University
Kaitlyn Moleti - Northeastern University
Surupi Nandi - Stony Brook University
Colleen Nugent - SUNY Binghamton
Michael Poma - Hofstra
Christina Pontecorvo - Villanova University
Lauren Romito - SUNY Geneseo
Jared Shelby - Yale University
Daniel Steinhart - Stony Brook University
Kate Tacca - University of Miami
Jessica Zhu - University of Michigan


Dr. Probst shared some interesting statistics about this very accomplished group:These 27 students represent the top 10% of their graduating class.
-  These students submitted 220 college applications and received 151 acceptances to over 80 colleges
and universities.
-  They took the SAT and ACT a combined total of 90 times.
-  They took 54 SAT subject tests.
-  During their time in High School these students took a total of 239 honors courses, 152 AP courses, and 242 IB courses.

     In closing, Dr. Probst said, “Congratulations to the students, their families, to HS Principal, Chris Cook, the administration, faculty, and staff at the HS and to all the educators, K-12 who worked with these students over the years.  Seniors, as you head off to these great colleges and universities, show them what it means to be from Hauppauge!”