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On April 5th and 6th in Syracuse, Coaches Ms. Mullen and Mrs. Schumann took the Hauppauge Middle School Science Olympiad team to Syracuse to compete against the 38 top performing middle schools at the New York State Championship for 25 Science and Technology events.

Ms. Mullen said, “We had a two student partnership that placed 2nd at the state level and brought home medals for the “Mystery Architecture” event; Matvey Baranov and Sreenand Mallisetty. In this event, teams are given materials such as straws, cups, string, tape, wooden dowels, and other materials to build a structure. Structures that must be built have included cantilevers, arches, towers, and bridges. Most of the structures are judged on height/distance spanned and are required to hold a specified amount. These students excelled because they have knowledge of building materials and how they can be used, experience in building and constructing structures out of those materials and general knowledge of truss systems and how they work, etc. We could not be more proud of these students who also set a Hauppauge school record for the highest place at a NYS Science Olympiad event!”

The Middle School Science Olympiad Team exhibited dedication, hard work and grit! What an awesome honor for them to have earned a top spot at the Regional competition which brought them to the NYS Competition! Congratulations to our students and their teachers!