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Attention Students and Parents in the Class of 2019 !

 Attention Students and Parents in the Class of 2019: 

Get a jump on the college application process with support from Hauppauge High School faculty during the month of August!  Sign up for the following three options:

  1. Common Application and College Search Sessions offered by the Counseling Department
  2. College Essay Brainstorming Sessions offered by the English Department
  3. Individual Essay Conferencing appointments for students who have a draft (or a start) to a college essay

Click here to sign up for Common Application and Essay Brainstorming Sessions

Click here to make an individual essay conferencing appointment with an English teacher

All seniors will work on the college essay in their English classes this Fall.  Please note that attending a summer brainstorming session and/or a conferencing appointment does not excuse students from that coursework, but rather prepares them.  

No one ever says,

“I just wish I started the college application process later.”  

We look forward to seeing you throughout the month of August!

Carolyn J. Probst, Ed.D.

Assistant to the Superintendent for

Educational Services & Student Outcomes

Hauppauge Public Schools

(631) 761-8385