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Hauppauge Writers Stand Up for Their Beliefs


Hauppauge is pleased to announce the students who were recognized for their contributions in the 6th Annual Writing Contest – a collaborative initiative of The Friends of the Hauppauge Public Library and the School District. The theme of this year’s contest, for students in grades 1-8, was: “Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.”

 “It is so exciting to see our students sharing their love of literacy by taking the time on their own to share their writing for this writing contest,” described Dr. Christopher J. Michael, director of English Language Arts/Hauppauge School District. “Our students created exemplary essays that showed great skill and creativity in communicating the message about the importance of standing up for your beliefs, even if you must stand alone.”



Snehal Adabala (2nd Place, Grade 7); Srihan Adabala; Noreen Ahmedy; Lindsay Arcoleo; Lindsey Blankenship; Joseph Bryan; Isabella Calvao (1st Place, Grade 7); Coleen Chamberlain; Jack Collins; Aditya Das; Shayla Davis; Angelina DeLuca (1st Place, Grades 1 and 2); Emilia DeLuca; Robert Gennari; Alex Genovese; Brendan Graf (2nd Place, Grades 4 and 5); Mollie Green; Emily Hom; Ava Importuna; John Juliano; John Kogel; Rory Maggio; Edward Mallon (1st Place, Grade 3); Sreenand Mallisetty; Manny Manteiga; Emma Marvelli; Joel Mathew; Brandon Mileti; Emily Morris; Emma Munro; Sameera Narang (2nd Place, Grades 1 and 2); Serena Narang; Corie Paolillo; Sydney Paolillo; Arav Prabhu (1st Place, Grades 4 and 5); Destiny Robertson (2nd Place, Grade 3); Michele Romito; Julianna Scafa; Cameron Scarito; Madison Schmalfuss; Yashvi Shah; Jacob Solomon; Kaitlin Stephens (2nd Place, Grade 6); Colin Terracciano; Adina Tkachenko; Giovanni Torquato (1st Place, Grade 6); Frank Volpe; Amanda Williamson; and Matthew West.


Photo caption (front row, l to r): Sameera Narang, Destiny Robertson, Emilia DeLuca, Angelina DeLuca, Arav Prabhu and Srihan Adabala. (Back row, l to r): Kaitlin Stephens, Isabella Calvao, Edward Mallon, Giovanni Torquato, Brendan Graf, Snehal Adabala and Dr. Christopher Michael, Hauppauge School District director of English Language Arts.