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    Hello Hauppauge Family, 


    It is during difficult times that we evaluate our impact on others and take stock. When all is said and done, we tend to go back to our roots. I am a reading teacher at my core and I have a passion for literature.  I am intrigued by how a book can engage, inspire and bring those involved in the process of reading to learn new things, see themselves in the characters in a book, explore new worlds and take part in exciting adventures without even leaving the comfort of their homes.

    While we are now exploring the comfort of our homes, I would like to offer a little solace and share some books with my Hauppauge Family. I continue my role as Director of English Language Arts on a daily basis, but I would also like to share with you my love of literature as a reading teacher. I hope you enjoy! Stay safe and healthy! My love and prayers Hauppauge. 

    All the best,


    Dr. Christopher J. Michael

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    ~ Purple Green and Yellow  by. Robert Munch (Dr. Michael Reads)