About Our Hauppauge Community

 Located 45 miles east of New York City, the District’s fifteen square miles straddle the common boundary line of the Towns of Islip and Smithtown. Intersected by the Long Island Expressway, Northern State Parkway, Nesconset Highway (Smithtown By-Pass), and Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge has become a highly desirable business location. The attractiveness of this location, in both convenience and natural beauty, has swelled the population of the area to more than 20,000, drawn industry to some of the county’s most modern and fastest-growing industrial parks, and lured many of the local government offices to what would appear to be Western Suffolk’s future hub. The presence of industries in the Hauppauge, Marcus, and Vanderbilt Industrial Parks has provided a healthy tax base from which the School District benefits. Residents have available to them the advantages of modern community shopping centers, schools, houses of worship, hospitals, beaches and parks, and the simplicity of family-centered athletic, social, and cultural activities.