Pupil Personnel Services assist those students experiencing cognitive, academic, communicative, physical, and/or socio-emotional difficulties/needs during the developmental process. There is a staff of professionals dispersed throughout all five school buildings to assist parents and faculty in supporting the needs of those students. All students residing in the Hauppauge Public School District are eligible for these services, in addition to those students attending non-public schools within the District.  The Pupil Personnel Services Department includes oversight for Special Education, Section 504, Nursing and Health Services, Psychological/Counseling services, and Related Services under the supervision of the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.
  • Pupil Personnel Services may be contacted as follows:

    by mail:

    Rebecca Bilski

    Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    Hauppauge Public Schools
    Pupil Personnel Services
    495 Hoffman Lane, PO Box 6006 
    Hauppauge NY 11788

    by phone:

    631 761-8340

    by fax:

    631 360-5622

    Or by email to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services: