• School districts are required by law to establish an audit committee. The Hauppauge Audit Committee was first created by the Hauppauge Board of Education in 2006 with the role of providing focused oversight of the audit functions of our district. The committee serves in an advisory capacity; the Board still retains responsibility and accountability for overseeing district finances.

    Hauppauge’s Audit Committee is comprised of 6 members: three who are current Board of Education Members and three appointed by the Board from the Hauppauge community. The committee members serve for three-year terms.

    More information about the Audit Committee and its specific duties can be found in the Audit Committee Charter below.
     The current members of the Audit Committee are:
       Board Members              Community Members
       Robert Scarito                   Trisha White
       James Kiley                      John L. Stefane, CPA
       Colleen Capece, Esq.       Christopher Marchese

Audit Committee Charter