About the Hauppauge Educational Foundation

  • New York State’s rising educational standards have created a need for additional resources for students in Hauppauge. The Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt entity with a Board of Trustees committed to attracting, managing, and distributing monies and resources to implement educational programs. The funds raised by the Foundation will be used solely for educational activities within the Hauppauge Public School District. Donations will help fund projects and programs that would not have been possible with the school’s annual budget. The Foundation’s funds are utilized for those special "extras" which are not allocated in the school budget.
    Anyone can join the Foundation. We look to include as many people as possible. Those interested are asked to volunteer their time, talent, and resources, and make a commitment to excellence in our schools.

Contact Information

  • For more information about the Hauppauge Educational Foundation,
    please contact email address: info@hauppaugeeducationalfoundation.com