• Technology education formally begins in 7th grade.  Students receive 20 weeks of technology instruction learning how technology applies scientific principles to improve the human condition. Students receive an additional 20 weeks of technology education instruction in the eighth grade. Students learn to use tools to change raw materials into useful products.  In addition students learn drawing techniques and learn to build and program robots using the Lego Mindstorms NXT kits.  Students also learn how to use the computer aided drawing software, Key Creator, to assist them in their drawings.

    At the high school level students are are to take more specialized courses building upon the skills they learned in middle school.  Semester-long courses such as Architectural Drawing, Computer Aided Drawing, Robotics and Materials Processing have introductory courses and offer advanced coursework for students that want to continue that area of study. There is an advanced course for students interested in engineering, Principles of Engineering.  In addition, students can earn a credit in math or science by taking the STEM course, World of Technology.  
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  • Rob W.
     Mr. Robert J. Wankmuller
    Director Of Science, Technology and Research K-12
    Mr. Wankmuller is the K-12 Director of Science, Technology and Research. Mr. Wankmuller has over 12 years of teaching experience, teaching at both middle school and high school levels. Mr. Wankmuller received his undergraduate degree from Binghamton University, his Master's degree from Queens College and a professional diploma in School District Administration from Stony Brook University.  Mr. Wankmuller is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in science education at Stony Brook University.

    Contact Information

    Mr. Wankmuller may be contacted by mail
    at the following address:

    Mr. Robert J. Wankmuller
    Director of Science, Technology, and Research
    Hauppauge High School
    500 Lincolon Blvd., PO Box 6006
    Hauppauge NY 11788

    Mr. Wankmuller may be contacted by telephone
    at the following number:
    Telephone 631-761-8295

    Mr. Wankmuller may be contacted by E-Mail
    at the following address:

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