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    We offer a comprehensive science program at Hauppauge that prepares students to be scientifically literate and college and career -ready.  We have an accelerated science program which begins in the 7th grade. Students have the opportunity to be placed into the accelerated program from 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. The recommended criteria for entrance into the Middle School Accelerated Science Program are as follows:

    • Students should maintain an average grade of 95% or above in science throughout the school year

    • While in accelerated classes, students should maintain an 85% or above in science throughout the school year
    The science department offers students a strong foundation in the life, physical, and Earth and space sciences . Students have a hands-on lab experience working with scientific equipment. Students are well-prepared for state-wide exams such as the Grade 8 Intermediate Level Science Exam and the New York State Regents Exams. Students are also well-prepared for the Advanced Placement exams as well as the International Baccalaureate Papers.
    Students have the opportunity to accelerate in science by taking Regents Living Environment in seventh grade and Regents Earth Science in eighth grade. In high school, we offer Advanced Placement science courses offered by the College Board including biology, chemistry, physics 1  and physics C. We also offer the International Baccalaureate standard level course, Environmental Systems and Societies, and a higher level course, Physics.  Students have the opportunity to "double -up" in science by taking a combination of standard level and higher level courses. Seniors have the opportunity to take half-year elective courses on topics such as astronomy, anatomy and physiology, oceanography, forensic science, and environmental studies.
    Students are also encouraged to participate in Science Research. At the elementary and middle school level, students are encouraged to participate in their school's science fair. The winners in grades K-6 have the opportunity to enter the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary Science Fair. At the middle school level, students that win at their grade level have the opportunity to present their research at regional competitions such as the Long Island Science Congress and the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair- Society for Science and the Public Broadcom MASTERS Middle School Fair. There are courses in science research that meet during the lunch periods on alternating days in grades 6 through 8.
    At the high school level, there is a ninth through twelfth grade research program, where students can earn college credit through the University at Albany in eleventh and twelfth grades. Students learn how to conduct their own research, write a scientific paper, and share their findings using display boards and PowerPoint presentations. Students participate in regional competitions such as the Long Island Science Congress, the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, and the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. Students are also encouraged to conduct their own original research projects and to submit their work to national competitions such as the Regeneron Science Talent Search. To learn more about the high school science research program, please visit the website, http://hauppauge-research.weebly.com/
    Aside from the rigorous course offerings and in-class learning, students interested in enriching their knowledge of science are able to participate in the Science Olympiads. There are clubs at both the middle school and the high schools. Students on the team get to participate in the Eastern Long Island Regional Competition.
    There are many wonderful opportunities in science for the students in Hauppauge Public Schools. We encourage all students to challenge themselves and take the most rigorous course work that they can handle. With the addition of 4 new science classrooms at the middle school, 13 newly renovated science labs at the high school, and our strong science curriculum, Hauppauge students will graduate as scientifically literate citizens prepared for the future, regardless of whether they plan to study science in college, pursue a career in the sciences, or choose to follow an entirely different pathway.

Meet the Teachers

  • Middle School
    Caffrey, Janice
    Crawford-Arbocus, Kimberly
    Flynn, Stacy
    Giachetti, Kevin
    Lichter, Matthew
    O'Callaghan, Katie
    Parrett, Debra
    Pernice, Michael
    Plouffe, Rick
    Roth, Francesca
    Saltzman, Jennifer
    Visnius, Maryann
    High School
    Becher, Andrew
    Becker, Brianna
    Butalewicz, Christine
    Foley, Michael
    Handley-Pendelton, Jocelyn
    Heck, Carolyn
    Longo, Joan
    McAvoy, Pamela
    Molinelli, Kristy
    Montgomery, Ellen
    Montgomery, Paul
    Nyvall, Robert
    Petercsak, Dennis
    Plouffe, Richard
    Terzella, Tara
    Yablon, Jeffrey

Director of Science, Technology and Research

     Rob W.
    Dr. Wankmuller is the K-12 Director of Science, and Research. Dr. Wankmuller has over 12 years of teaching experience, teaching at both middle school and high school levels. Dr. Wankmuller received his undergraduate degree from Binghamton University, his Master's degree from Queens College and a professional diploma in School District Administration from Stony Brook University. Dr. Wankmuller earned a Ph.D. in Science Education from Stony Brook University.
     Contact Information

    Dr. Wankmuller may be contacted by mail
    at the following address:

    Dr. Robert J. Wankmuller
    Director of Science, and Research
    Hauppauge High School
    500 Lincolon Blvd., PO Box 6006
    Hauppauge NY 11788

    Dr. Wankmuller may be contacted by telephone
    at the following number:
    Telephone 631-761-8295
    Dr. Wankmuller may be contacted by E-Mail
    at the following address: