• Welcome to Pines Elementary School.

    We are very proud of our K-5 Elementary School nestled in the Smithtown Pines. Our school has approximately 475 students. As part of the Hauppauge School District, we provide our students with a challenging and diversified academic program that stimulates and motivates all types of learners. We provide frequent and ongoing communications with our school community through a variety of written and electronic sources in an effort to support all of our learners.    

    The entire Pines staff is extremely dedicated to the success of every child and the establishment of the home school connection. We pride ourselves in our abilities to create an optimal learning environment for all students. Our staff members work hard to build relationships with students and families in an effort to maximize student achievement at our school.

    Safety is always emphasized at our school. According to Board of Education policy, all visitors must sign in at the hall monitor’s desk. Visitors must wear a visible visitor’s badge and are required to sign out and remove the badge before leaving the building. Our school office hours are 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. Visitors will not be permitted in the school before or after these hours unless they have a scheduled appointment with a staff member. Please be prepared to show a valid form of identification when you enter our school building.

    Students in grades K-5 receive literacy instruction that is grounded in the research of a balanced literacy program. Teachers have been provided with training on implementing the strategies and skills that are essential in providing sound instruction that aligns with the NYS Common Core ELA Standards. A teacher/staff developer provides staff development and mentors all classroom teachers as they develop their skills.

    In mathematics, we provide our students with challenging coursework through the implementation of the NYS Math Modules in grades K-5. These math modules emphasize problem-solving skills and the development of students’ mathematical fluency and accuracy.  This research-based program is aligned with the NYS Common Core Mathematics Standards.  

    Our collaborative involvement with parents is a key emphasis at our school. Parent participation is strongly encouraged. Our active PTA and SEPTA groups provide a wide variety of programs and events for our students. Many of our assemblies are brought to us by the Arts in Education committee of the PTA. Family Fun Nights are also sponsored by the PTA.

    We invite you to view our website to learn more about our school.