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Mr. Dragonetti

      Mr. Dragonetti’s Technology Education classes at Hauppauge Middle School use a clean environment to maximize student performance and retention.  All that is required of the student is focus on the task at hand, follow directions and have a good attitude towards learning.
      The students will be going into one of the two traditional technology education labs to do the materials processing part of this class. They will be using the most current CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software to better prepare themselves for the future technological society.
      This curriculum was created with the intent that the students become a technically literate person. In order to be a technologically literate citizen, a person should understand what technology is, how it works, how it shapes society and in turn how society shapes it.  There are many inventions that are created and technologies that we use everyday, but the technically literate citizen can and will have a voice in which technology is used where. Example; the current dilemma over the use of body scanners. The technically literate student will site pros and cons and weigh out the best decision for themselves.
      Mr. Dragonetti has been teaching Technology Education for 30 years. He was granted his BA and MS diplomas from SUNY Oswego and SUNY Stony Brook, respectively. He received his administrative certification from SUNY Stony Brook. He was the President of the Long Island Tech Ed Association for 4 years and served as the regional director of the Metropolitan District for the NY State Tech Ed Association for 4 years. He has written curriculum for NY State Education Department. He continues to work with NYSED to bring new ideas to the MS students.
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