•                                                    Mrs. Autino 

                                                     "Make it a rule
                                           Never to give a child
                                                    A book
                                     You would not read yourself."
                                                                                      -George Bernard Shaw 
     The mission of the Middle School English Department is to prepare students for the various academic paths available to them at the High School. By providing a rigorous NYS Common Core aligned curriculum, we hope to ensure continued growth as independent thinkers and lifelong readers and writers.
    Extra Help is available any day by appointment.  I meet with students before school and during lunch.     
    Did you know...?
      1. "A lot" is two words."  "Cannot" is one word."  
      2. Use "fewer" when referring to a plural amount and "less" when referring to a singular amount.  (fewer items, less salt
      3. Use "well" to describe an action verb.  Sing well, dance well, play well, and do well in school!
      4. Use "good" to modify a noun or a linking verb (verb that shows a state of being rather than an action). (Good soup, good job, good idea, seems good, sounds good, tastes good, looks good)
      5. It is incorrect to write "could of, should of or would of."  Instead, write "could have, should have or would have."  You can also write "could've, should've or would've.    
      6. When two teams are competing in a sport, they are not "versing" each other. "Versing" is not a word.  It is incorrect to say, "We are versing the Knights", "Who are you versing?", etc.  Instead, say "We are facing the Knights," "We are playing against the Knights",  etc. 
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