•      When it comes to utilizing the technology systems and networks owned or operated by Hauppauge Public Schools, all users must recognize and embrace their responsibilities and obligations. While devices and software are invaluable tools they are also employed in strict accordance with district policies, and regulations, as well as local, state, and federal laws. The use of district technology is not just a matter of convenience; it carries with it a profound level of responsibility.

         It is important for all users to understand that access to the District's computer network and the Internet is not an inherent right but rather a privilege, granted with a set of responsibilities. The District retains the authority to manage and supervise access to the Internet for all individuals utilizing its computers and network infrastructure. This means that the District may, at its discretion, permit or restrict certain online activities and access to specific websites. In doing so, the district also implements platform management tools that are vital in identifying potential threats to our students, staff,  and community by offering timely interventions.

         Furthermore, if a student chooses to use their personal device to connect to the District's network, it is essential to maintain a clear distinction between school-related work and personal files. This is particularly important because school-related work is subject to potential access by the District. By observing these guidelines, we ensure a secure and productive digital environment for all members of our educational community.

         Please review the important information, policies, and regulations on the left of this page to gain a better understanding of our digital safety and guidance. If you have any specific questions, please fill out this form and we will begin creating a running Parent Q & A document that could be helpful.  Here is the link:  Digital Safety Questions