• Use of the iPads in Grades 4 and 5 for Mathematics

    These nine videos show students using their iPads for mathematics tasks in grades 4 and 5 at Bretton Woods, Forest Brook, and Pines Elementary schools.  Teachers “push” problem sets, exit tickets and other math content through S40 (School 4 One), allowing for digital distribution, grading and feedback to students.  Time is saved for teachers, as copying, distributing, collecting, grading and return of work are all accomplished through the iPads.   

    Students use the iPad to access Apps, such as Kahoot, Xtra Math, Mathspace, etc.  Teachers have students use these apps to reinforce mathematical concepts taught within the grade level, as well as concepts previously learned.  We have also provided a video to show a student taking the STAR Math Assessment on the iPad.

Kindergarten student in Bretton Woods uses his fingers to count using STAR testing on his iPad

Student and TA in Forest Brook, work together to solve questions on iPad

Pines student answers math problems on her iPad

Pines student does multiplication on her iPad

Student at Bretton Woods does multiplies fraction using ipad

Forest brook students uses an app on his iPad to practice multiplication

Forest Brook Student does Math problem using iPad and wipe board

Pines student uses Xtra Math on his iPad

Bretton Woods students play Kahoot using their iPads and smart board

  •  FAQ

    Q: Can students still use traditional tools such as scrap paper and pencils/pens to work on math problems?

    A: Yes, students can use their notebook or scrap paper throughout the lesson to work.  The great thing about S40 and the iPad is that students can still “submit” through the platform using the iPad camera, allowing teachers the opportunity to review, grade, and return work, all while capturing data to inform instruction.

    Q: What is Kahoot and when and why is it used?

    A: Kahoot is an interactive site that allows students to log on and answer questions related to a specific topic selected by their teacher.  The teacher and the students can immediately see results.  The answers are displayed in a bar graph, which allows the teacher to provide immediate feedback and guide instruction.  Students earn points based upon how quickly they answer the question and whether or not it is correct.  At the end of the topic, the results are displayed.

    Q: What is xtramath.org and when and why is it used?

    A: xtramath.org is a site that allows students to work on skills that build fluency.  When students master skills that are required fluencies of their grade level, they are able to work on the other mathematical concepts which they may encounter within the context of a problem.

    Q: What is Mathspace and when and why is it used?

    A: Mathspace is an app that allows students to work mathematical concepts.  Mathspace allows students to write their work on the iPad.  The app recognizes the handwriting and translates it into a typed version for the student.  While completing a problem, students are able to watch videos and/or take ‘hints’ along the way while solving.  It will show multiple approaches to the problem for the student.  The teacher is able to see how the student solved the problem (what method was used), how many hints were taken, how many videos watched, the number of steps taken to solve the problem, as well as any mistake(s) that may have been made along the way.  This allows the teacher to guide instruction.

    Q: What is STAR Math and when and why is it used?

    A: STAR Math is an online assessment program for students.  There are grade-specific skills that STAR Math tests.  The program is designed to provide teachers with individual student data quickly and accurately.  STAR Math identifies which skills and sub-skills students know, and which skills they are ready to work on next.  Most students take STAR math three times a year: in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.