• IB Business & Management IA

    Salvaggio (Periods 1 & 3)

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    Recommended Online Resources*


    VRC Databases:


    Business section:

    • Britannica Academic
      • provides a brief history of well known companies, related articles and links to official websites
    • Business Insights: Essentials**
      • provides detailed company and industry profiles, SWOT reports, market share reports, financial reports, company histories, industry essays, scholarly journals, business news and a tool to compare companies
    • Hoover's Company Profiles (Proquest)
      • provides detailed company profiles with financials, competitors, officers, as well as scholarly research 


    Magazines/Newspapers section:

    • Academic OneFile
    • Proquest Multiple Databases** (select business databases from top menu bar)
    • Infotrac Newsstand



    When visiting company websites, check out "Investor Relations" for company overview, financial information, stock information, shareholder resources, etc.)


    *Your local public library will offer additional business databases such as Reference USA & Morningstar, etc. You will need your library card for access. See a public librarian for additional help. 


    **These databases are highly recommended for all topics and will be reviewed in the library during class time