Knd-5 Art Curriculum

    • Knd - 5th g. Art Curriculum
    •  The Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, Form and Space

    • The Principles of Design: Balance, Rhythm, Contrast, Proportion, Unity, Movement

    • Multi-Cultural Art Explorations of the World

    • Famous Artists and Artistic Styles

    • Arts Integration
    • ELA in Art: Art is a Visual Language

    • STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

    • IPAD Art & Research 4th and 5th g.

    • Express thoughts and ideas through the creation of artwork

    • Investigate and explore careers of Artists working in specific art medias

    • Identify and Speak about Artists as people who generate new ideas and create art.

    • Create and Discuss personal sensory experiences through artwork

    • _________________________________________________________________

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  • One Professional Goal of mine this past year was to receive Certification in Arts Integration.  After successfully completing this Certification, I will integrate Arts Standards and curriculum with Content Area Elementary Classroom Teachers.  Teaching Elementary Art with Art Integration and STEAM is an approach to teach K-5 Arts curriculum, while not losing sight of the beauty of the artistic process of creating Art.  DBL, Design Based Learning is an educational platform for lesson plan building that incorporates the artistic creative process with a challenge of Designing for the good of others.  STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math are the academic disciplines students will be challenged to incorporate into their Design Project.  

    I find 21st c. Artists using STEAM in their artworks with a Global intent in creation.  Incorporating STEAM & Arts Integration sparks the curiosity of the 21st c. young Artist, as it furthers learning of sequential steps.  In writing the K-5 Art Curriculum UNIT 7, I challenge Students with The United Nations 2017 Global Goals, and to use Art and Design with STEAM.  Robotics, IPADS, and Computers are integrating technology tools that spark innovation and creativity.   Below is a link for the Artist:Belo, to raise awareness of the global clean water crisis.  


     STEAM Artwork   UN Global Goals 2017


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  • Please Volunteer, as a visiting Artists and/or Art Helper in the Art Room.  Send me an email
    At Forest Brook and The Pines, students will exhibit their artwork in a Spring Art show.  dates tbd.  
    Thank you...Ms. Anziano 
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  • The Art Room is looking for Volunteer adults to come in and support the students Art creativity.  Please contact me at if you can join us.  A few hours or regular schedule would be very helpful and rewarding.  Imagine painting and creating Art with your child.  Please join Us!

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