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  • Gift from the Class of 2018 – Kevin Bie & Diana Musco

    Gift from the Class of 2018 – Kevin Bie & Diana Musco

    Hello and welcome again to graduation.  Hauppauge High School has given us so many opportunities during these past 4 years, so we wanted to give back a gift from the Senior class.  We wanted to present something that would have a lasting impact on the school and would represent our time there. We decided to give an engraved bench that would be put in the courtyard.  The bench will say “Class of 2018”, so our legacy will always be remembered. 

    When we were thinking of what the gift should be, we looked back at all of the memorable experiences that we had during our time at Hauppauge.  We always remembered that one of the best parts of the day was being with our friends in the courtyard during lunch. We loved how the warm weather brought students together in the midst of the school day.  We wanted to give this bench in order to ensure that future students will have the same positive experiences as we had. Congratulations to the class of 2018. We hope this bench reminds you of the experiences you had at Hauppauge and shows future students the legacy they could leave behind, just like you did.

    (The bench will be delivered this summer.  When it arrives a photo will be taken and posted here)

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