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  • Doctors of Tomorrow Celebrated in Hauppauge Public Schools

    It takes years of schooling and dedication to become a doctor.  It starts with going to college and performing well enough to be accepted to medical school post-graduation.  The Hauppauge School District prides itself in making sure that each and every student has an opportunity to excel and be fully prepared to succeed at the university level.

    The training that students get in Hauppauge to prepare them for higher learning carries through the college experience to allow graduates to ready themselves to continue on to acceptance and success at medical school.

    The Hauppauge preparation is so effective that some students feel prepared and ready to embrace the medical training process right out of high school.  Not only do these students feel ready for an accelerated medical education, but the colleges also feel that these students have had the necessary academic fundamentals to accept them into the fast track.

    Hauppauge High School (HHS) senior Francesca Bryan is just such a student.  Francesca has been admitted to the 7-year Pre-Medicine/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program at SUNY New Paltz and the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine.  There were only 45 students interviewed and only 10 students accepted into this prestigious program.  Francesca is one of them.  She will spend three years of study at SUNY New Paltz and then will study at the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine.

    While at HHS, Francesca is a member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society and the Theater Honor Society.  She also volunteers for the Last Chance Animal Rescue. 

    Ms. Bryan’s talent and abilities were recognized by The Suffolk Academy of Medicine and she was honored with a “Doctors of Tomorrow” scholarship.

    Although not in a 7-year program, John Poma is on a path to become a doctor.  Mr. Poma will be attending Adelphi University in September.  He hopes to land a career in Emergency Medicine.  John is a member of the French Club, History Club, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and French National Honor Society.

    Mr. Poma has logged over four hundred hours of community service at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center in their Emergency Room.  The Director of Public and External Affairs/Volunteer Program, Heather G. Reynolds, had this to say about John Poma, “John has been a volunteer at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center for the past two years.  John demonstrated a strong desire to serve the community by beginning his volunteer experience in our Nursing and Rehabilitation Care Center.  John was assigned to the rehabilitation area where he worked with physical and occupational therapists.  He showed great care and compassion transporting the patients and residents to and from their therapies.  He interacted with each person making sure they were safe, comfortable and less anxious as they moved about the rehab facility.

    More recently he took the initiative to request a transfer from the nursing and rehabilitation care center to the hospital, where he volunteered in the emergency room.  Over the last year John has assisted the emergency room staff by taking specimens to the lab, responding to patient requests and keeping the emergency room clean and stocked.  He has been successful with communicating patient’s needs in a timely manner to the nursing staff.  He has the ability to multi-task and the staff have given him high marks for his efforts in a fast-paced environment.  John is very flexible and willing to take on challenges in the emergency room or assist where needed.

    John is working hard at making a difference in the lives of many people.  This caring and compassion speaks to his impeccable personal character.  He truly puts a smile on the faces of the patients and residents.”

    Two other HHS seniors are also heading towards becoming doctors.  Each is no stranger to the Horizons publications as they were both cited this year as Rotary Club “Students of the Month.”

    In February of 2018, Jade Dyer-Kennedy was selected to be honored with the “Student of the Month” distinction by the Rotary Club of Hauppauge.  Jade maintains the most rigorous academic program offered by Hauppauge High School (HHS), while juggling varsity sports, employment, co-curricular, and community service activities.  To date, Ms. Dyer-Kennedy holds a 96.70 weighted average and is currently ranked 17 of 330 seniors in the Hauppauge High School 2018 graduating class. 

    Jade serves as secretary for the Tri-M Honor Society.  She is a violinist in the HHS Chamber Orchestra.  Although she began as a piano player, Jade found the violin a challenge worth pursuing.  Ms. Dyer-Kennedy is also a member of the Spanish and National Honor Societies.  She serves as the Public Relations officer for the Interact Club and is the President of the Student Council.

    Jade runs for the Varsity Track Team in all three seasons and has distinguished herself on the field.  Jade has competed at the State level and has earned All-County and Scholar-Athlete honors. 

    Jade is an active member of the Hauppauge school district’s Youth and Community Alliance coalition and is an Ambassador for Change on the Islip Town’s Anti-Bias Task-Force.  Jade enthusiastically seeks ways to make a difference in both the school and community and has learned to use her voice against social injustice.

    Ms. Dyer-Kennedy is enrolled in the Hauppauge School International Baccalaureate (IB) Program which has prepared her to pursue her dreams wherever they may take her.  Next Fall, Jade will follow her dream of becoming a Pediatrician to the campus of Fordham University in the Bronx where she will study Biology in the Pre-Med program.  Jade has committed to run Track for Fordham University in September.

    Christina Musco and her twin sister, Diana, were the first Rotary Club “Students of the Month” back in October, 2017.  Christina is the Co-President of the Interact Club with her sister, Diana.  Ms. Musco is a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Youth and Community Alliance, Ethics Bowl debate club, Spanish Club and Environmental Club.  She is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

    Christina served at Stony Brook Hospital as an operating room volunteer where she stocked the operating rooms, observed surgeries, and learned from the doctors.  She earned the President's Volunteer Bronze Award for her 160 hours of volunteering at Stony Brook Hospital within three months.

    Christina collected donations and purchased fabric and stuffing.  She sewed 50 pillows and donated them to the Women's and Children's Shelter Project.

    She attended a symposium to learn about medical school requirements and spent a day shadowing a doctor. 

    Christina's talent and abilities were also recognized by The Suffolk Academy of Medicine and she was honored with a “Doctors of Tomorrow” scholarship.

    When asked about her future plans after high school, Christina said, "I would like to pursue a Biology major with a minor in Spanish on the pre-med track in college and continue onto medical school to become a surgeon (either orthopedic or cardiac)."  Ms. Musco will enter the Pre-Med program at Binghamton University next fall.

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