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    The “Pines Has Talent” club hosted the Pines Kids’ Choice Awards on March 23rd at Hauppauge High School.  The show was part of fundraising efforts to help raise money for a family in the district who is in need. The three club advisors are Danielle Brady, Kendra Balcom, and Daniela Espinal.  Their efforts raised over $8,000 this year for the family by hosting a raffle during Christmas, a Slime event, ticket sales for the Pines Kids’ Choice Awards, and concessions during the show.  

    Over 70 students participated in the show as cast and crew and over 600 people attended the event. This year the theme was "Pines Kids' Choice Awards," which showcased a wide variety of talents. "Not only did the children gain confidence on stage, they made friends and honed their talent, whether it is singing, dancing, acting, instrumental, or some unique skill. I believe it is so important to give children the platform to show off their talents and express themselves. I am very grateful that our school embraces this idea and I am very proud to be a part of it. I am also proud of each and every one of the children who participated. It was great to see that Pines Pride shining through, as the students and teachers gave it their all on stage," said Ms. Danielle Brady, club advisor. 

    In early January, Pines’ students voted for the teacher or administrator they would most like to see get “slimed.”  The top ten vote getters were Dr. DiMuzio, Ms. Titone, Ms. Malone, Ms. Barbieri, Ms. Giachetti, Ms. Enrico, Ms. Lewkovich and Ms. Hassett.  Starting on January 29th, slime jars, with a photo of each of our finalists, were displayed at the front entrance of the Pines Elementary School.  Students had the opportunity to place donations in the jar with the staff member's face on it. The top five earners were selected to be splashed with the green stuff.  The top five earners were Ms. Lewkovich, Ms. DeRose, Ms. Enrico, Ms. Dolce, and Dr. DiMuzio. 

    Five students were selected by reading the most minutes on Lightsail.  The reading was part of the PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) program over a 3-week period.  It culminated on Tuesday, February 27, with a Pines Slime event. The Slime event was videoed and shown at the Pines Kids’ Choice Awards.

  • Kids Choice Awards 2018

    Kids Choice Awards 2018

    Kids Choice Awards 2018

    Kids Choice Awards 2018

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