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  • Jade Dyer-Kennedy is the Rotary Student of the Month


    Jade maintains the most rigorous academic program offered by Hauppauge High School (HHS), while juggling varsity sports, employment, co-curricular, and community service activities.  To date, Ms. Dyer-Kennedy holds a 96.70 weighted average and is currently ranked 17 of 330 seniors in the Hauppauge High School 2018 graduating class. 


    Jade serves as secretary for the Tri-M Honor Society.  She is a violinist in the HHS Chamber Orchestra.  Although she began as a piano player, Jade found the violin a challenge worth pursuing.  Rotary Club Chapter President Patricia Bowens McCarthy shared her experience with Brahms Baroque music as an excellent way to energize.  Music has been proven to activate certain regions of the brain which are involved in movement, planning, attention, learning and memory.  Mozart music has been linked to enhancing the learning of Mathematics.  Both of Jade’s parents are also musically inclined.  They both sing, and Jade’s father is also a trumpet player.  Jade comes from a close-knit family and, to be sure, the love and support she has from her parents has led her to a place of excellence.


    Ms. Dyer-Kennedy is also a member of the Spanish and National Honor Societies.  She serves as the Public Relations officer for the Interact Club and is the President of the Student Council.


    Jade runs for the Varsity Track Team in all three seasons and has distinguished herself on the field.  Jade has competed at the State level and has earned All-County and Scholar-Athlete honors.


    Jade is an active member of the Hauppauge school district’s Youth and Community Alliance coalition and is an Ambassador for Change on the Islip Town’s Anti-Bias Task-Force.  Jade enthusiastically seeks ways to make a difference in both the school and community and has learned to use her voice against social injustice.


    Ms. Dyer-Kennedy is enrolled in the Hauppauge School International Baccalaureate (IB) Program which has prepared her to pursue her dreams wherever they may take her.  Next Fall, Jade will follow her dream of becoming a Pediatrician to the campus of Fordham University in the Bronx where she will study Biology in the Pre-Med program.


    For more about the IB Program, follow this link: 



    Rotary Club members ask themselves four questions when considering doing or saying anything.  They consider (1) is it the truth, (2) is it fair to all concerned, (3) will it build goodwill and better friendships, and (4) will it be beneficial to all concerned? 


    Rotary's programs are developing the next generation of leaders, providing funding to make the world a better place, and making peace a priority.  And their programs are not just for club members.  Learn how you can make a difference in your community through Rotary.  Visit https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs


    The Rotary information was reprinted from their website at https://www.rotary.org/.  

    End Polio site:  https://www.endpolio.org/

    Student of the Month Certificate


  • Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

    Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

    Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

    Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

    Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

    Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

    Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

    Rotary Student of the Month - February 2018

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