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  • Hip Hip Hooray,

    It’s the 100th Day

    It seems like only yesterday we were greeting students from the busses on the first day of school.  Those smiling faces are still fresh in our minds as we saw their excitement and anticipation in greeting the new year.  In mid-February, the Hauppauge School District celebrated the one hundredth day of school in what has become an annual tradition.

    The kindergarteners at the Pines Elementary School celebrated by dressing up as they would imagine themselves as one hundred years old.

    The first graders at the Forest Brook Elementary School wore hundredth day crowns as they engaged in a 100th Day parade.  The students and teachers from the other classes lined the halls of the school to high five the young paraders as they marched through the school singing “Hip Hip Hooray, It’s the 100th Day.”

    As the students reflect back on all they have seen, heard and learned in the first hundred days, they cannot help but to be amazed by how much activity has been crammed into this time that has swiftly passed.  

    The smiles and excitement are still on their faces as the students look forward to springtime and all the fun filled wonderment which lay before them.

    The 100th Day celebration is a good time for parents to appreciate how quickly these kids are growing and to take the time to enjoy these beautiful children while they are still little.  

  • 100th Day Celebration

    100th Day Celebration

    100th Day Celebration

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