• Travel Destination Research

    10S - Seale/Iannucci - Period 8


    Research Sources


    Use the HS LMC OPAC to search for books

    (We do have some travel books! Browse the books with call numbers in the 910's)


    Use the public library catalogs: Hauppauge and Smithtown



    History/Geography section

    • Britannica School
    • CultureGrams (World Edition)
    • World Geography and Culture Online



    • CIA World Factbook - Use the drop-down menu on the right-hand side to search by country and relevant facts.
    • Fodor's Travel - To search by country, click Destination, select the continent, then the country of your choice. To search by tourist location (ex: Disney), type the name of the location in the search bar, on the list of results scroll past the Google results at the very top and use the links that have "fodors" in the url.
    • Travel and Leisure - Type your destination (ex: Poconos) in the search bar or find travel guides for countries. In the search bar type the name of the country + travel guide (ex: France Travel Guide).
    • Trip Advisor - keep in mind, individual reviews aren't necessarily reliable sources to quote, but they may lead you to popular activities, restaurants, hotels, etc. in a particular area for further research.