(can be done for Community Service)

    Read it - Love it - Write it!

    Did you read a book? Did you LOVE it? (Come on, we know you did!). So tell the world about it!!!



    1 Book Review = 20 minutes of Community Service

    No more than 3 hours will be awarded per student



    Book reviews for Community Service SHOULD BE for books on your reading level, that you have read in the last 2 or 3 years. Book reviews can NOT be for books that you have read in school. Reviews of DVDs and materials other than books will not be accepted for Community Service hours. Note also that your review will be posted to our OPAC. This means that the books you review MUST be in our online library catalog. 


    Here's what you do:



    1. Select the OPAC link from the blue menu bar on the left to access the HHS LMC catalog.
    2. Search for and locate the book that you have read and wish to review.
    3. Click the link near the QR Code to add a comment & rating.
    4. Complete ONLY the following fields of the online review form:
      • Student (enter your First Name ONLY)
      • Comments* (this is where you write your review)
        • Include the following: (1) a short summary, (2) why you liked the book and (3) who you would recommend this book to. No spoilers please! Your review should be at least 150 words, but write more if you want (up to three full paragraphs is acceptable).
        • Include your First & Last name (Don't forget)
      • Rating
    5. Click 'send' to submit your review for approval.
    6. Keep a record of the reviews you have submitted and submit a printed copy to Dr. Horan or Mrs. Hiam at least 4 days prior to the day your hours are supposed to be completed.

    *It is strongly suggested that you keep a Google Doc file with the list of books you have reviewed along with the typed review, should you need to edit your reviews, or re-enter them.