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  • Readerman Visits Bretton Woods

    On Friday, January 12th, 2018, Bretton Woods’ Kindergarteners took part in a “Super Powers Celebration.”  The young students celebrated becoming “Super Readers” and showed off their “Super Reading Powers.”

    The incredible superhero, Readerman, was there to share in the excitement and award the students with Super Reader stickers.

    Super Readers possess many super powers.  

    They have pointer power.  By pointing to words, Super Readers can identify words and letters.  

    Sound power allows Super Readers to sound out the letters to form words.  

    Super Readers possess reread power which allows them to reinforce their understanding of what they have already read.  

    Picture power comes in handy by giving hints to the Super Readers as to what words are with the pictures.  

    Super Readers share partner power.  They can put their heads together to read the words on the page.  

    Pattern power lets Super Readers understand words and reading by seeing similar patterns in their reading.

    Super Readers possess persistence power.  They don’t give up.  They try all the powers again and again to reach their goal.  

    Snap word power allows Super Readers to flesh out sentences with words they see a lot, like “I,” “the,” and “can.”  

    Talk power helps Super Readers understand their reading by sharing what they have read with others.  

    All these powers add up to the most valuable power, thinking power.

  • Super Readers

    Super Readers

    Super Readers

    Super Readers


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