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  • HHS Librarian Dr. Timothy Horan is a Published Author

    Since he was five years old, Hauppauge High School Librarian Dr. Timothy Horan has wanted to be a writer.  His love of writing inspired him to learn about the art of being a writer.  He wants to share this love and understanding of writing with students.

    Dr. Horan is hoping to inspire K through 12 teachers across the country and all around the world to set up writing centers to help students learn to become better writers.

    While pursuing his Doctorate in English, he helped start and run the writing center at St. John’s University in Queens, New York.  Based on his experience with university-level writing centers, Dr. Horan invented a model for grades K-12 that is unique and works. He calls this the “School Library Writing Center.”

    Publishing is a very difficult business to break into.  Developing a thick skin and dealing with rejection is de rigor.  Dr. Horan started out by presenting his ideas at conferences at the state and national level.  He presented at the New York Library Association (NYLA) Conference and at the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), which are the premier conferences on the state and national levels.  The reception he received for his ideas was tremendous.  Teachers from all over the nation were excited to learn more.

    His ‘big break’ came when he approached School Library Monthly (now called School Library Connection), a journal for library professionals. After listening to his ideas, they sent him a contract to write a series of eight articles on the “School Library Writing Center” which he created.

    One of the top publishers in the field (Libraries Unlimited) saw the articles and approached Dr. Horan at a conference where he was speaking.  The publisher asked the question Dr. Horan was waiting for since he was five years old: “Would you like to write a book about this?” Of course, Dr. Horan answered with a resounding “Yes!”

    After submitting his proposal, the publisher got back to him and suggested that there was enough material there for two books.  Dr. Horan then replied with two book proposals, and both were accepted.

    He signed a contract for two books with the publisher.  The dilemma every author faces after the glow of being committed to write a book or books with a publisher, is that you have to actually ‘put pen to paper’ and write the books.

    It took approximately a year to write each book.  Dr. Horan said, “Writing these books was a terrific experience.  It was hard work, but I loved it.”

    A year ago, he published his first book, Create Your School Library Writing Center, Grades 7-12.  The date of release was October 31, 2016.

    This October, he released his second book, Create Your School Library Writing Center, Grades K-6.  The date of release was October 31, 2017.



    Published Author

    Published Author

    Published Author

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