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    An Environment for Effective Teaching & Learning                 Volume 1, Issue 12, December 1, 2017

  •  LightSail Challenge

    Forest Brook Has the Top Reader in the Nation

    The Hauppauge Public Schools (HPS) are always on the lookout for tools and innovations to offer its students to enhance their learning experience.  To that end, HPS subscribes to LightSail.  The LightSail Library provides excellent content through partnerships with leading content providers like News for Kids and Antares Reading™.  LightSail gives students and educators access to thousands of outstanding fiction and nonfiction texts.  The LightSail Library contains texts for students...

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  •  All-State Singers

    HHS has Eight All-State Musicians

    The administration in the Hauppauge Public Schools has embraced a “growth mind set.”  An environment has been established where every student has the opportunity to excel.  This educational program not only focuses on academic and athletic excellence, but on character development as well.  Hauppauge administrators don't just preach service, they live it.  The Director of Fine and Performing Arts, Dr. Laura Landor is such an administrator who shows her compassion with multiple visits to...

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