• Srta. Torres                                                                                                                     6 de septiembre de 2017

    Español 2H


     Course Description: 


    The ninth-grade honors Spanish class is rigorous, challenging, and fast -paced.  The students will be preparing for Spanish 3H / 3 which will culminate in the FLACS exam in June 2019. The curriculum is grammar intensive incorporating a variety of Common Core reading comprehension and Common Core authentic listening.  This course requires students to speak in the target language at all times during the class session.



    • 3 ring binder with five dividers four folders
      • Dittos (handouts) will be given out throughout the year. 
    • Writing utensils (pens & pencils)
    • Dry erase markers
    • MUST be prepared with supplies EVERYDAY!


    You will not be allowed to go to your lockers to get any of your supplies. Please make sure you come into the classroom with everything you need. If you are not prepared daily to be an active participant in the classroom, it WILL reflect your class work grade.


    Grading Policy: Students will be evaluated and assessed utilizing THREE categories:


    1. Assessments = 60% of overall quarterly grade


    Includes; collected random Hagan Ahora assignments, collected random homework, quizzes/tests, dialogues, and compositions, listening / reading comprehension. A minimum of one writing assignment will be assigned per quarter.


          2.  Class Work / Class Participation = 20% of overall quarterly grade (See attached  Class Work / Participation Rubric)


    Do Now (Hagan Ahora) will be given every day for the first 5-7 minutes of class. Be sure to date all of your work. Do Nows are frequently used as a review for an upcoming quiz or test. Use them as a study tool. Write ALL questions and/or information from the board before completing the assignment. If a Do Now assignment is not COMPLETE it will affect your Class work grade.  All work completed in class (not collected) such as listening activities, reading comprehension, grammar/vocabulary activities, partner work, practice National Spanish Exams and etc. will be assessed as part of the Class Work grade.


     Participation in a language class is essential for becoming proficient in the language. Being called on is NOT participation. Please volunteer your thoughts and ideas every day. Every response, right or wrong, is encouraged by myself as well as your peers. You must ALWAYS speak in ESPAÑOL, as it will be part of your Class Work grade. The level of Spanish spoken in class is crucial to your success in this class.      


          3.  Homework = 20% of overall quarterly grade


    Homework will be given a minimum of four times per week.  Weekend homework will be assigned frequently. Homework will be collected and GRADED without prior warning (these fall under the homework category).


    EXTRA CREDIT will NOT be allowed in my class. If you work hard and put forth excellent effort, do all your homework and remain focused in class, you will succeed in my class.


    **It is highly recommended that ALL Honor students take the National Spanish Exam in March/April. The date of the exam and additional information will be provided during the second quarter.


     Classroom Policies/ Procedures:


    • Lateness is NOT tolerated in my class. If you walk in after the second bell you are considered late. Three lateness equal a written referral which will lead to lunch detention.
    • I DO NOT accept late homework unless there are extenuating circumstances (Please have a parent’s note to substantiate reason) If you are absent on the day the homework is due you must bring it in on the VERY NEXT day. You must show it to me while everyone is working on the Do Now activity. I will NOT remind you about your missed homework. If I do not check it that day, during class, you will NOT be given the credit.
    • If you are absent on the day of a quiz/quest/test you will have to make it up within five days during a free period or Wednesday afterschool. I will not continue to remind you. It is YOUR responsibility. If the above is not made up a ZERO will be entered. 
    • Extra Help- Wednesday after school in room 357.
    • Do not abuse the bathroom privileges! You must use your agenda book to write a pass. You must include: your name, date, time and location. Fill it out completely then give it to me to sign.
    • No food or drinks (except water) will be permitted in the classroom. The only exception is if you do not have a lunch period (you must show me your schedule).
    • If cell phones are visible during class, they will be confiscated and given to your administrator IMMEDIATELY. I am supporting and adhering to the SCHOOL policy. No Exceptions!!!


    • If a student chooses to break a rule:


    1st time      Verbal warning

    2nd time     Phone call to parent

    3rd time      Written referral to the Assistant Principal, followed by detention.


    Get into the habit of checking my website for IMPORTANT information pertaining to quiz/quest/test, and daily homework assignments.  Enter www.hauppauge.k12.ny.us, then find Torres to view our class. In the near future, the students will be accessing GOOGLE for pertinent class information. I will keep you posted on the change.



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