• homework

    Homework is assigned to review skills and strategies that are taught in the classroom.  Completion of homework is necessary to ensure continued success throughout the school year.  Excessive missing homework results in students losing practice of a skill and failure to retain necessary information!
    I understand that things beyond our control do come up, so should an extenuating circumstance arise and your child cannot complete their homework one evening, please let me know.  Missing HW will result in an "OOPS" note, and lost Fun Friday time! 
    Each night you can expect the following:
    Writing or ELA: this can include vocabulary spelling, or writing depending on what is taught that day
    Reading: every school night there will be reading, and students are expected to record their reading on a reading log.  The log is due every Tuesday.
    Math: workbook pages will be assigned after a lesson is taught 
    Please be sure to review multiplication facts each night!!!!