• Here's the Scoop: It's a Real Treat to be in Room 3-8!
    **PICTURE DAY: Wednesday: October 21st at 9:15 AM!!
    **5th Grade Yankee 3 Trip: Friday: October 9, 2015.
    Math Extra Help: Friday: 10/16 at 8:30 AM
    3rd and 4th Grade Math Test: Friday: 10/16
    Welcome to Mrs. Kastan's Class!
     Each night there will be a Math HW assignment, (usually a worksheet), along with an ELA HW assignment. There will also be Words Their Way (Spelling/Vocabulary) Homework.  Words Their Way Tests will be on Fridays. Please remember to read at home at least 15-20 minutes each night.  Please also write at home for enjoyment.  Remember to study your spelling words each night. Please continue to practice basic math facts each night.
    Xtramath.org and Khan Academy are two math apps the students can use on their iPads.
    Please be sure you are going on Khan Academy at least 25 minutes a week!
    For reading, the students can use the RAZ Kids app.
    Spelling/Words Their Way Homework: (See Tic Tac Toe Board in Notebook!)
    *Your child can choose to do their spelling homework in the packet that will come home each night, or in their notebooks.  They must choose a different activity each night and they may not repeat an activity until they have completed all the choices.  (3 weeks)
    *Be sure you are studying your words each night!*
    Monday Night: Choose ONE of the following to complete in your Word Study notebook.
    Write each word as a word pyramid, OR write all of your words in ABC Order, OR write all of your words 3x each
    Tuesday Night: Choose ONE of the following to complete in your Word Study notebook.
    Write each word with the consonants in blue and the vowels in red, OR hide your words in a letter trail and circle your words, OR sort your words into two columns: short vowel words and long vowel words.
    Wednesday Night: Choose ONE of the following to complete in your Word Study notebook.
    Choose five of your spelling words and write a sentence for each one, OR write each word in a color pattern, OR type each word in a different font.
    Thursday Night: Study for your Spelling Test, which will be on Friday!

    Third Grade:

    9:15-9:35 FLES (Days 1, 3, 5) (Unkenholz)

    11:00-11:40 Lunch

    12:20-1:00 Day 1: Gym (Casale)

                       Day 2: Gym (Casale)

                      Day 3: Music (Koehler)

                      Day 4: Art (Anziano)

                     Day 5: Gym (Casale)

                     Day 6: Library (Mc Parland)


    Fourth Grade:

    10:05-10:45  Day 1: Music (Koehler)

                          Day 2: Gym (Casale)

                          Day 3: Library (Mc Parland)

                          Day 4: Gym (Casale)

                          Day 5: Art (La Velle)

                          Day 6: Gym (Casale)

    1:05-1:45 Lunch

    1:50-2:10 FLES (Days 1,3, 5) (Unkenholz)


    Fifth Grade:

    10:50-11:30  Day 1: Library (Mc Parland)

                         Day 2: Gym (Casale)

                         Day 3: Gym (Casale)

                         Day 4: Music (Koehler)

                          Day 5: Gym (Casale)

                         Day 6: Art (La Velle)

    12:40-1:20 Lunch

    1:25-1:45 FLES (Days 2, 4, 6) (Unkenholz)

    Some websites that may be helpful:  See Resources and Links
    Hauppauge website: https://www.hauppauge.k12.ny.us
    Hauppauge math website: http://hauppauge.k12.ny.us/math
    Xtramath (xtramath.org)
    Khan Academy (khanacademy.org)
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