• Reader's Digest

    by Many Different Writers Year Published: May 2016

    The Hauppauge High School Library now gets Reader's Digest!  This was one of my favorite things to read when I was growing up, and definitely helped me Fall in Love with Reading.


    It's the coolest magazine ever. All of its pieces are short, interesting, and extremely enjoyable. Honestly, Reader's Digest only publishes the best of the best.


    That's the May 2016 issue pictured below.  Great stuff this month.  Read about "A Hero in the Smoke."  In this true story, a NY City Fireman enters a raging fire, looking for a baby, a young girl, and a puppy.  Will he find them in the flames and the smoke?  Read it and find out.


    And there's a vocabulary test in here too.  It's called "Word Power."  I can generally do this test in under a minute, and score 100%.  Try to top that!  Words are power.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  Know what I mean?


    And there are jokes, news, "100-Word True Stories," and lots of other stuff that you'll love.


    Reader's Digest is at our desk, waiting for you.  Pick it up, and Fall in Love with Reading.


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