• Evaluative Research Paper

    Mrs. L. Barone
    English 10
     Hands Holding a Globe


    Topic: World Issue
    Think of economic, political, and social conditions of a country that interests you. An "event" might be a war, natural disaster, discovery, current crisis situation, etc. Think of political leaders, scientists, artists, musicians, explorers, writers, humanitarians, etc. Why is this person remembered? Why is this event important? How did this person or event shape history and affect people's lives? How did the private life of this person impact his/her writing or achievement? How did the political conditions of a country influence a person's achievement? MAKE CONNECTIONS. You can use past or present people or events.


    You must write an Evaluative Research Paper. Your thesis must contain COMMENTARY that you will prove in your research. Your thesis must be arguable. 

    Library Lesson Reference


    Locating Sources

    Check out the following recommended databases for your research:
    • JSTOR
    • VRC Databases:
      • MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS: ProQuest Multiple Databases
      • MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS: Academic OneFile
      • PRO/CON: CQ Researcher Online
      • PRO/CON: Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    Refer back to the following, for more information:

    Citing Sources

    To cite your sources, try one of these citation makers: 

    Refer back to the following for more information: