• 3rd Quarter Begins!
    Monday: Hand back and go over midterm exam.
    Tuesday:  Begin excretory system, chapter 20, section 20.3 pp. 595-599. Possible circulatory and excretory quiz Friday - be ready.
    Wednesday: Begin reading immune system chapter 23, pp. 664-674.Start "Booster Shot" homework assignment (due Friday). Continue to read immune system chapter 23, pp. 664-674.
    Thursday: Continue reading immune system chapter 23, pp. 674-685. Circ. & Excr. Sys. quiz tomorrow.
    Friday: "Booster Shot" HW due today.  Review immune system notes and readings.  Quiz early next week.
    *I will hold onto your midterms for one week.  If you would like to go over your exam together let me know in class.  At the end of the week the midterm exams will be discarded.