Yoga at Bretton Woods

Ms. G with the 5th Grade
  • Yoga with Ms. G

    Each year, Bretton Woods' students are given the opportunity to practice the art of yoga during their physical education classes. Each student grades K-5 were taught by a certified yoga instructor, Edna Gruvman (Ms. G), from Mindful Yoga with Edna, a BOCES recognized school program. The program taught students breathing techniques aimed at decreasing stress and anxiety. The various yoga poses were aimed to develop stronger bodies and increase focus and concentration. These lessons are intended expressly to increase the student's self-awareness and hone attention skills to enhance learning readiness and improve. The students experience becoming yogis and yoginas (people who practice yoga) learning about this form of exercise and are excited to continue learning different yoga techniques throughout the year with their physical education teachers.


    Mindfullness practice is also performed during these sessions. Students are taught about the brain   


    If you like to find out more about Edna Gruvman's programs please visit her webpage: 



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