• Welcome Back! Happy New Year-2020!!
    Monday: We will be studying Body Systems, and start with digestion & nutrition.  read chapter 21, section 21.1, pp. 610-614. Castle Learning due 1/10/20 - it will count as a test grade.
    Tuesday: Complete Castle Learning, due Friday (1/10/20). Castle Learning will be graded and count as a test. Review your digestion and nutrition notes. 
    Wednesday: Possible Digestion & Nutrition quiz Friday. Complete Study Guide HW in digestive system packet. Castle Learning due Friday (1/10/20). 
    Thursday: Digestion & Nutrition quiz tomorrow. Read chapter 20, section 20.2 (respiratory system), pp. 590-594. Castle Learning due tomorrow.
    Friday: Digestion & Nutrition quiz today. Read chapter 20, section 20.1 (circulatory system), pp. 582-590. Castle Learning Due today.