• Welcome Back! I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Break with family and friends.
    *Castle Learning Test Due 12/6*
    Monday: Read Chapter 8, Section 8.1, pp. 218-221.  Review your energy and ATP/ADP notes.  Make up biochemistry unit test if you missed it.  Castle Learning Test due Friday.
    Tuesday: Photosynthesis quiz early next week!  Complete missing lab work in science resource room (341). Review photosynthesis readings from last night. Complete ATP/ADP lab if you did not in class. Castle Learning Test due Friday.
    Wednesday: Photosynthesis HW problems due Monday.  Read chapter 8, section 8.3, pp. 228-233. Castle Learning Test due Friday.
    Thursday:  Review photosynthesis notes, quiz early next week (Tuesday).  Photosynthesis HW problems due Monday. Castle Learning Test due Friday.
    Friday: Castle Learning Test due today.  Photosynthesis HW due Monday.  Photosynthesis quiz Tuesday.  Complete your virtual photosynthesis lab if you did not in class.  Review cellular respiration notes and chapter.  Read and review figures 8.12, 8.13, 8.14, 8.15, and 8.16.  Possible Cell Resp. quiz  late next week.