• Monday: Schools Closed. Read and review chapter 1, pp. 4-10. Review book money due 10/2.
    Tuesday: Schools Closed. Review your notes and table 1.1: characteristics of living organisms on page 7. 
    Wednesday: Read Chapter 7: Cellular Structure and Function, section 7.1, pp. 182-186. Start Cell Theory HW (due Friday).Life processes, cell theory and cell organelle quiz early next week (Tuesday 10/8).
    Thursday: Cell Theory HW due tomorrow.  Begin reading section 7.3, pp.191-200. Study for quiz.
    Friday: Cell Theory HW due today. Quiz - life processes, cell theory and cell organelles next week. Finish reading section 7.3, pp. 191-200, review table 7.1 (summary of cell structures) on pp. 199.