• Welcome to Bretton Woods' Gymnasium!

     The Gymnasium    The Gymnasium
    Inside our learning space the K-5 students at Bretton Woods Elementary School will have various opportunities to move and interact with peers in a comfortable, safe environment. The goals of our physical education program is to:
             *To promote positive student interactions through physical activity
             *Teach knowledge of the rules and strategies when playing a game or activity
             *Emphasize fun while increasing students’ levels of physical fitness
             *Promote the self satisfaction of giving one’s best effort, regardless of winning or losing
             *For all students to have a safe and positive experience in physical education
    K-2 Curriculum:
    - Movement/ Spatial Awareness
    - Ball Handling 
    - Specific Equipment Manipulation (Parachute, Scooter, Jump rope, Hula hoop)
    - Throwing and Catching
    - Straw Walk 
    - Circus Arts 
    - Nutrition/ My Plate
    - Dance and Rhythmics 
    - Dodge and Flee Activities
    - Presidential Physical Fitness Activities (1st and 2nd)
    - Yoga 
    3-5 Curriculum:  
    - Sport Specific Skill Work
          - Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Team Handball, Soccer, Lacrosse 
    - Striking Activities 
    - Dance and Rhythmics
    - Jump Rope
    - Nutrition/ My Plate
    - Straw Walk
    - Presidential Physical Fitness Activities
    - Yoga