• Honors Wind Ensemble - Grades 9-12
    Welcome to the Honors Wind Ensemble! It truly is an honor being a member of the wind ensemble. Students enrolled in wind ensemble have gone through a rigorous audition process and are expected to maintain good academic standing throughout the school year.  This course is designed to hone the skills of the students through the daily ensemble rehearsals and the small group lessons. This course is a challenging and highly rewarding musical experience. Your dedication and enthusiasm will have a strong impact on the success of the ensemble.   
    All students enrolled in the High School Band Program must participate in the marching band. This includes all night rehearsals and performances. There must be advance notification if a scheduling conflict causes you to miss a rehearsal. Absences will require a make up assignment.
    The course is broken down into the following four categories: 

    Participation: This includes showing up on time every day with your instrument, ready to play. Also maintaining a positive attitude and giving your best at every rehearsal is extremely important to the success of the ensemble.

    Lessons: All lessons are mandatory.  The schedule is made so that a student misses one class per month.  It is the student's responsibility to speak to teachers in advance to get any missed classwork.
    Performances: All performances are mandatory. This includes football games, the Hofstra Marching Band Festival, and all concerts.
    Written Assignments: You will have at least one written assignment per quarter.  It can range from a composer essay to a written test.  
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