• When parents have a question or complaint about a child’s classwork or progress in a specific course, they should contact the teacher. The teacher who works with the student knows the child and can generally help to resolve the difficulty. At the elementary level, a parent should contact the building Principal if the teacher does not offer a satisfactory resolution. At the secondary level, the Department Chairperson should be contacted or the parent should schedule an appointment with the student’s Guidance Counselor. If satisfaction is not achieved, then the parent should call the Building Principal. If a resident’s concern is of a more general nature and involves the educational program or activities of a school, the building Principal should be contacted directly. If the question still remains unresolved, the parent may choose to contact the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.
    In the case of a complaint against a professional staff member, parents are urged to:

    1. Speak to the staff member involved. If the situation is not resolved:
    2. Speak to the immediate supervisor (chairperson or administrator) of that teacher.

    If the situation is still not resolved:
    3. Speak to the building Principal. If the situation is still not resolved:
    4. Contact the Superintendent of Schools. If the situation is still outstanding without resolution:
    5. Contact the President of the Board of Education.

    Under no circumstances will the School District or Board of Education consider or take action on any letters or communications that are unsigned. Anonymity of individuals registering complaints or allegations in writing will be respected if requested, but such communications must bear the name, address, and signature of the writer.