Google Slides Project 
    hair 80s  
     Hairstyles - 1980's. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 26 Mar 2014.
  • Task:  Each student will work with a partner and select a decade (1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000).  Together, you will research adolescent life during your decade and create a Google Slides presentation to depict the adolescent experience of that decade. 
    Each student must research (2) of the (4) subtopics below, while considering their selected decade. 
    1. Leisure activities of teens: What did adolescents do for fun? This may include popular games, food or snacks, transportation, candy, fads, entertainment, concerts, movies, television, vacations, etc. 
    2. Popular music with teens: include descriptions and information about popular musicians of that time period
    3. Teen Fashion: this may include popular hairstyles, headwear, footwear, swimwear, school attire, make-up
    4. Political and/or Social Events of the time: include names, titles and descriptions of how they affected adolescent life
    *Each group must produce a minimum of 2 slides per subtopic.
    Together, you and your partner will create a single Google Slides presentation. Each presentation will consist of the following:
    • Slide 1 - Title and presenters' names
    • Slide 2 - Subtopic 1 (slide A)
    • Slide 3 - Subtopic 1 (slide B)
    • Slide 4 - Subtopic 2 (slide A)
    • Slide 5 - Subtopic 2 (slide B)
    • Slide 6 - Subtopic 3 (slide A)
    • Slide 7 - Subtopic 3 (slide B)
    • Slide 8 - Subtopic 4 (slide A)
    • Slide 9 - Subtopic 4 (slide B)
    • Slide 10 - Works Cited (Partner 1)
    • Slide 11 - Works Cited (Partner 2)
    Click the link to view the History of Adolescence Google Slides template (you must be signed into your Hauppauge Google account to view). Make a copy to your Drive and share it with Mrs. Faicco, giving her editing rights.
    Research Requirements:
    For this project you are required to use at least (2) text sources for your research:
    • One source must come from the Virtual Reference Collection.  Try one of the recommended HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY databases:
      • ABC-CLIO American History
      • SIRS Decades
    • The other can come from a website or a book.  
      • See books on cart in library
      • Use website links below
    In addition, you are required to include at least (4) multimedia items in your presentation.
    • Two sources must be images
    • Two sources must be audio or video
    Use Easybib or NoodleTools (located in the VRC) to properly cite your sources.
    Final Steps:
    1. Please add your presentation to the class page for a future activity. Click here to open the shared class Google Doc and add your presentation. Don't forget, when adding  your presentation, use the 'View Only' link. 
    2. Click here to open an additional class Google Doc and write 4 questions about your presentation (1 per subtopic). Questions should be thoughtful and open-ended. Yes/No and True/False questions will not be accepted.