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    School Island

    Regents Preparation



    Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
    (For Math & Science) Includes lesson plans, journal articles, activities, classroom links, resources, & links to outstanding sites.

    Middle School Science
    Lesson plans, experiments & activities.

    EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE PROJECTS:  An Intermediate Level Guide

    Information on how to do a Science Project.

    Newly designed Science Education Gate-Way, contains Lesson plans, activities and links to other resources in the physical sciences from the best science museums in the US. "Make a Lesson" offers a template and guidelines for successful lesson plans. The "Shopping Cart" feature allows you to customize the resources to your needs.

    ICONnect Curriculum Sites for Science

    The sites listed in this section are Internet resources that have been identified and annotated by AASL's ICONnect Taskforce as examples of high-quality sites that have curricular application for K-12.

    An interdisciplinary site for research on human physical performance.  Includes electronic encyclopedia of sports medicine, research materials of interest to students and teachers and links to other sports science pages.


    The Weather Channel
    Includes Doppler radar maps of local and regional precipitation, forecasts and statistics for any U.S. city. Also, text forecasts for major international cities, travel advisory maps, and airline delays for 100 airports.

    National Climatic Data Center
    This is the world's largest active archive of weather data.

    Volcano World

    Volcano information, pictures, movies, games and more are included in this comprehensive and extensive volcano site.

    Volcanoes: Can We Predict volcanic Eruptions
    A multimedia, interactive site, with information about volcanoes including melting rocks, dynamic earth, forecasting and more.

    U.S. Geological Survey
    Provides researchers with links to the biological sciences, geology, mapping and water resources, as well as full text of fact sheets and links to additional Internet resources

    EnviroLink Pre Home Page
    Information about anything and everything related to the environment. Includes links to information about the Endangered Species Act and Animal Rights Movement, as well as many other topics. A great resource!

    National Geophysical Data Center
    This site is a an informational resource for marine geology and geophysics, paleoclimatology, solar-terrestrial physics, solid earth geophysics, and glaciology (snow and ice), providing access to data from the US Dept of Commerce, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration & National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service.

    Meteorology Guide
    A collection of web-based instructional modules incorporating multimedia technology to introduce fundamental concepts in the atmospheric sciences. Each module is a self contained source of information and contains links to other resources.

    The Nine Planets
    An Award winning, multimedia, overview of the history, mythology and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system.

    World Climate: Weather rainfall and temperature data
    Contains over 85,000 records of world climate data (historical weather averages) from a wide range of sources.

    Earthquake Information from the USGS
    Daily and weekly quake reports, geophysical information on earthquakes, and other background information.

    National Earthquake Information Center
    Current and general earthquake information with a searchable database and links to other resources.

    Tornado Project Online
    Links to information about past tornadoes, tornado myths and safety recommendations, and daily severe weather reports.

    National Hurricane Center
    Up-to-date forecasts and reconnaissance data, data about past hurricanes and related information.

    The Chemical Scorecard
    A chemical information service provided by the Environmental Defense Fund. The Scorecard contains a searchable database of over 5,000 chemicals that are released into our air and water, allowing users to obtain comprehensive information about chemical pollution sources and hazards by community. Available data includes the health effects of a specific chemical, how harmful it may be for the environment, whether it is subject to government regulation, the names of known polluters in any specific community, and the comparative pollution rankings of communities. This site also offers opportunities to take action against the polluters in your area.


             CELLS Alive 
             An award winning site with incredible images, information and links.

    Fun Facts About Fungi
    Contains information, images, glossaries. bibliographies, and more in a simple, colorful format.

    Entomology Index of Internet Resources
    A directory and search engine of insect-related resources on the Internet, from Iowa State University

    Kimball's Biology Pages
    A hypertext dictionary specializing in cell and molecular biology. Includes some mini-essays.

    The Spider Page
    Links to all types of spider resources on the web.


    Chemicool Periodic Table
    Chemical information in table form.

    An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements.

    Chem Center
    Sponsored by the American Chemical Society. Includes Links to chemistry-related resources.

    Chemistry Teaching Resources
    Comprehensive list of chemistry teaching resources on the Internet. Many sites are for the college level, however, there is some good information here for secondary teachers.

    Chem Finder Searching
    Locate common types of chemical information by a chemical name, formula, molecular weight, or CAS Registry Number.


    Theoretical Physics Fun
    An animated physics tutorial, covering a variety of topics.

    Amusement Park Physics
    The forces behind the fun. Interactive, multimedia site from the Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection

    A website for physicists. Includes news articles, patent reviews, book reviews, announcements of upcoming events and links to sites of interest to Physicists.

    The Particle Adventure
    An interactive tour of the Inner workings of the Atom, the Particle Adventure introduces the theory of fundamental particles and forces.

    Physics 2000 
    An interactive journey through modern physics. This is an innovative Web site, aimed at all ages, emphasizing imagery, interactivity and hierarchical organization.

    Puts you aboard a starship using a computer-synthesized image consistent with the laws of physics. This site is designed to help one understand Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. Grade 11+

    Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics
    A collection of physics related information arranged in an encyclopedic format. Search for information or browse an alphabetic index.