• Co-Curricular Activities High School


    German Honor Society
    Advisor: Frau Cardi
    Meeting Dates: First and third Friday of every month

    The purpose of this organization is to promote the study of German language and culture, as well as serve as a service oriented club. With our continued involvement within the school and the community, the German Honor Society participates in adult home visits, where we put on a play, as well as play games with the senior citizens at the Plattdeutsche Altenheim in Franklin Square. In addition, we have entertained Hauppauge's children at Safe Halloween, have marched in the Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk. Every year we travel to the elementary schools to promote studying the German language.

    This October we staged our second annual Oktoberfest with over 60 students attending.  In the spring  we go on a hike to Bear Mountain, sing German songs and order food at German restaurant.  We attend a German play or opera.  We have a visit to the Goethe Haus for a lecture on German culture on our agenda. 

    Each year we participate in Sprachfest, which is a competition among German language students on Long Island. It includes prizes for the best gingerbread house, posters, spelling and vocabulary bees. In recent years we have dominated the German Skits on every level.  In addition, we have brought back to life the German Exchange Program and 18 AP students spent 3 weeks in Germany and will host the German students from Neu Wulmstorf, near Hamburg, in the spring.  Every year  our Honor students score in the top ten percent  on the difficult AATG exam. 

    Membership is open to tenth and eleventh graders who have completed a minimum of  three semesters of high school German with an overall average of 92 or better in German and make a commitment to study German to their senior year. The German Honor Society meets every other Friday from 2:30 t0 3:30 in 356.



    French Club /Honor Society
    Advisor: Madame Rigaud
    Meeting Dates: Wednesdays after school


    The French Club is open to any student interested in French culture or language. French club activities include field trips to French restaurants, traveling to Manhattan, visiting the United Nations, and seeing a Broadway play. We do fund raisers throughout the year and donate some of the proceeds to a charity. We visit local nursing homes and sing holiday carols in French to the residents as well as distribute holiday greeting cards to them. We also participate in Safe Halloween, Homecoming and International Night. International Night was designed to promote cultural understanding and acceptance. Honor Society Inductions are held in the spring. We have an Au Revoir party in June for the seniors. In the past, the French club has also done presentations in the 5th grade classrooms as well as at PTA meetings to introduce the students to French before choosing their language.

    Membership in the French Honor Society recognizes those French club members who have demonstrated exemplary scholastic achievement in French.  Membership is open to French students in levels three and above who have completed a minimum of six consecutive quarters of high school with an average of 92 in French (with no individual quarter grade in French under 85).  In addition, an overall minimum average of 85 is required with no failing grades.  An additional requirement is that no disciplinary actions (i.e. suspension) have been taken against the student.  An induction ceremony is held in the spring.





    Co-Curricular Activities Middle School

    International Club
    Advisor: Herr Sidwell
    Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday, 3:00-4:00 pm

    The International Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about other countries, peoples and their cultures without leaving home! This club also provides an opportunity for community service. Several of our past projects have been with UNICEF, the Hefer Project and Angela’s House.



    Spanish Club and Honor Society

    Advisor: TBD
    Meeting Dates: Contact Advisor

    These two clubs meet jointly.  There purpose is to promote the  interest in the study of Spanish culture and language. Throughout the year, its members support school-run activities such as Homecoming Parade and Safe Halloween. In addition, the club will involve itself in service activities directly related to the Hispanic community, as well as hosting Hispanic cultural events. The Spanish club, jointly with French and German clubs, will host International Night.  Membership to the club is open to all Spanish students in all grade levels.

    Membership in the Spanish Honor Society recognizes those students who have demonstrated exemplary scholastic achievement in Spanish.   Membership is open to Spanish students in levels 3 and above who have completed a minimum of three semesters of high school with an average of 92 in Spanish (with no individual quarter grade less than an 85). Students must also maintain this grade average for 6 consecutive quarters beginning in Spanish 3. In addition, an overall minimum average of 85 is required with no failing grades.  The student may not have any disciplinary actions, such as detention, cuts or suspension.  An induction ceremony is held in early Spring.

    Other scheduled community service activities are:

    ·        Thanksgiving food drive to restock pantry at Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen in East Setauket.

    ·        Nursing Home visit in December to carol and hand out holiday cards to residents.

    ·        On-going sponsorship of a child in South America through World Vision enabling her to seek medical attention, go to school and be fed.