Social Studies Department


    Social Studies today is designed to help students who will spend their adult lives in the complex world of the twenty-first century.   As a result of this, and following the guidelines of New York State, we are providing a social studies education that develops the students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes and prepares them to live effectively in this century. We incorporate the teaching of historical, geographic, political, social, and cultural knowledge to help them achieve good citizenship, strong leadership, and a rich cultural life.

    Each student has a current textbook as well as supplemental material and access to the vast amounts of information provided by the Internet.  The lessons are enhanced by incorporating guest speakers, field trips, projects, role playing and classroom interaction.  This allows our students to critically evaluate the material taught.

    One can summarize our instructional goal at the Middle School Social Studies program as a desire to help our youth  by teaching them about the past so that they can face the future and carry out the duties and responsibilities of positive and effective citizenship.


    Students must comply with curricular and testing requirements that include:

    ·        Uniform final examination (Regional Assessments) for sixth, seventh and eighth grades

    ·        Students can take advantage of the extra help provided by all teachers in our department

    GRADE 6

    This course emphasizes the interdependence of all people with a specific concentration on the Eastern Hemisphere.  This is achieved through the study of cultural, social, historical and political events.  Economics and geography are used to critically evaluate the material taught and help compare and contrast the Eastern Hemisphere with our own.

    GRADE 7

    In Grade 7, social studies focuses on a chronologically organized study of United States and New York State history.  The course begins by tracing the human experience in the United States from pre-Columbian times to the Civil War tying political, economic and social trends in our national history and with parallel trends and time frames in New York history.

    GRADE 8

    The eighth grade curriculum follows the seventh grade and begins with the Civil War and critically evaluates the evolution of our nation over the past two centuries.  The students deal with topics such as sectionalism, boundaries, civil rights, industrialization, foreign policy, major conflicts, global involvement and current events.

    If you have any questions concerning the Social Studies program, please contact Mrs. Doreen Gordon, Director of Social Studies at 761-8320.